Corrie Street Dec. 28/14

When I’m 62

poor tracy cryingTracy got the news that Rob got 25 years in prison and she cried genuine tears. Poor Tracy, I thought with my heart going out to her. “I’m going to be 62 by the time he gets out.” Poor Tracy indeed. Yes, that’s what will keep Rob awake nights worrying about in his jail cell while Big Louie and the other inmates try to get to know him better.

She is truly distraught about Rob, but she just can’t help it: her misery takes priority. tracy-at-bedroom-doorLosing her true love to decades behind bars is unfortunate for her, but it’s a damned sight more unfortunate for Rob!

Tony’s sympathetic words about picking yourself up and carrying on did push her to see if she could go on with her life. First step, attract a man. She needs to know that she can do it, to keep her from becoming a lonely old lady “who has cats”.  So what if that man is someone else’s?

Tony in the crosshairs

tracy-propositions-tonyYou knew Tony didn’t stand a chance, and maybe he didn’t want to keep away. For Tracy, it was just proximity, I think. It just happened to be Tony who was there. Could have been anybody with a pulse. On Tony’s part, who knows?

Tony-carries-Tracy-to-bedThe bonus of this scene was seeing Tony’s apartment. I like it. Maybe we, and he, will be seeing more of it now that he’s carried Tracy off to the bedroom. Because you know Liz is not going to forgive or forget. Maybe Tony should think about getting a cat – would be much safer company than Tracy, or Liz once she knows.

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