Corrie Street June 28/15

Birthday Party

The scariest bit with Jenny kidnapping Jack was the birthday party jenny-party-tablefor her son Tom. He would have turned seven that day, but he’d drowned in a wading pool. She had left him alone for just a moment.

She doesn’t tell all this to young Jack, just that they’re having a lovely party for a special boy. Paper chains that Jack made hung all around the apartment in Hull. Presents, cakes and little sandwiches on the table.

jenny yells at jack get-to-your-roomJack had no idea what she was talking about, didn’t care, and the only word he said was “Daddy”. Jenny wanted him to share her excitement and he was totally oblivious to the festivities and to her.

Jenny loses it

Jenny screamed at him, and frightened the life out of me. She ordered him to go to his room and he did, quietly and immediately. She then vented her frustration on the decorations, crying while jenny-pulls-down-paper-chainstearing all the paper chains down. Then she phoned Rita.

The rescue mission by Rita, Kevin and Sophie was less scary. This was despite Jenny on the balcony several stories up with Jack, moving to the edge and looking down longingly, way down.

First Rita went to the apartment and was doing a good job of calming this-has-to-stopJenny and getting hold of Jack. Then Kevin couldn’t wait and went banging on the door and yelling. But Rita let go of Jack when she opened the door for him? Jenny, of course, grabbed Jack and out on the balcony they went.

Sophie to the rescue

Ok, not the best tactical moves by either of them, but Sophie’s contribution was beyond belief. Seeing movement on the balcony, she rushes up to the apartment. She could see the glass door open stay-backand her father and Rita there. And out she clattered like a herd of elephants to join them. Of course, Jenny moved back to the corner of the balcony, pulling Jack with her and looking over the edge to the ground.

Thanks to Jenny, it ended well. She let Jack go to Kevin and then balloons-off-balconyslumped crying on the balcony floor until the police carted her off. Kevin had not wanted the police called, fearing they’d “go in mob-handed” and panic Jenny. He and Sophie did that all by themselves!

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