Corrie Street July 12/15

Dishing Out

i-shall-do-the-dishing-outHow was Julie going to handle it? After overhearing Dev tell Talisa he loved her, obviously Julie couldn’t just go on playing happy families. But the cat fight confrontation is not her preferred way. More subtle, at least as subtle as the open book that is Julie can be.

julie-greets-dev-and-talisaAnd she did it! Susie Homemaker, with apron and all, when Dev and Talisa returned. You’re late, must have have busy, had lots to discuss, lost track of time. Talisa and Dev looked increasingly uncomfortable and guilty as sin.

anything-stand-outAt the table, Julie is dishing out dinner along with pointed comments and questions. Talisa cracked first. She has less to feel guilty about. What Julie hadn’t heard was Talisa’s rejection of Dev and her advice that he put his house, with Julie, back in order sharpish.

‘I told you so’

do-not confrontation of Dev by JulieDev realized it was all over for him.  A non-starter with Talisa, and no way back with Julie. At least he didn’t have Mary there, with a well-justified ‘I told you so’ look aimed at him.

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