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Corrie Street 17 June 2018

Three Reasons

Three reasons on Monday to leave Coronation Street. Three scenes that too quickly reminded me too much of other types of television shows. So I made a decision that I’ve been thinking about for several months. I stopped watching. I did not watch the rest of the week’s episodes. It feels ok so far, so that’s it. I’m done. You can read more about my overall reasons here.

Crime Drama

reasons to leave - pat-looms-behind-gary-and-sarahA villain returns from the presumed dead. He’s caught, but people underestimate him. They dawdle and don’t pay attention. And surprise, he’s got himself loose and has a gun. Oh no, however will we get out of this alive! It can work – in a crime thriller. If if goes too far, with too many miraculous escapes and close calls, it becomes melodrama. That’s where this has gone.

Soap Opera

robert-leaving-in-vanSomeone sees something and misconstrues it. But that person doesn’t stay to listen to what else is said and therefore get the whole story. Neither does he (Robert) confront, or just ask, anyone about what he overheard. Instead, he goes off in a huff. At a critical juncture. All avoidable if you’d just ask what’s going on. Overused device even in American soaps.


rosie-gemma-and-modelPretty but ditzy women decide to be supersleuths. If they put their heads together, they decide, they can outsmart the bad guy. Hilarity ensues. Because, if they put their heads together, what they got is one big head of good hair. In romance and some mystery novels, this kind of heroine is described as “perky” and/or “sassy.” I don’t read books that use either of those adjectives.

So I’m sorry to say, dear readers, this is the final Scene of the Week. Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves here. I’d love to know what you think. Maybe you can tell me when it’s safe to return.

Corrie Street 17 Sept. 2017


I was going to pick the scene with Rita saying Len would be home soon. But then Friday, we saw her notes. Reminders to herself about who is who and important bits of information about them. Norris is allergic to nuts, Jenny is marrying Johnny.notes in cupboard

So Rita knows what’s happening to her. She won’t acknowledge it, maybe thinks it’s just normal forgetfulness. I thought that too, when her confusion and forgetting things started. But no, this week’s incidents seem to point only one direction – to Alzheimer’s or similar dementia.

rosie-reads-notesThe only people who are picking up on it are Gemma and Rosie, the two least likely to be listened to by anyone else. But maybe it’s good that it’s them. They both are compassionate. Both know how it feels to be dismissed and looked down on by others. They will take care of Rita, I think, and preserve her feelings and her dignity as best they can while also facing facts.

Good double act

I like Gemma and Rosie together. That surprises me because, on their own, I find them exhausting to watch. So when they teamed up, I expected them to be doubly wearing. But that’s not the case. Their thickness rosie-and-gemma-read-remindersand their enthusiasm play well together. Maybe it’s because neither is always the ‘straight man’. Each of them can be the smart one compared to the other. Whatever it is, it works brilliantly.

The Lady of Law scene at the beginning of the week, where Rosie scared off Gemma’s horrible friends, showed how effective – and hilarious – their partnership can be. Now, with Rita, we’ll see new facets of Rosie and Gemma individually and together.

rosie-and-gemma-hear-rita-come-inIf it is an Alzheimer’s story, it’s going to be disturbing and very sad. But I’m happy if it plays out with Rosie and Gemma being the guides into it for Rita and the others. Maybe it’s because, of everyone on the street, Rosie and Gemma are most aware that they do not have the answers. And that is maybe the most important thing to know, and remember, when dealing with Alzheimer’s.

rosie-and-gemma-greet-ritaYou can’t change it, fix it or explain it. You can just go with it. Rosie and Gemma are already used to doing that in their own lives. I think they’ll be able to help Rita do it too. I hope so anyway.

See my ‘Look at Bingy’: Alzheimer’s and Distraction for more. Also, if you’re on CBC’s Coronation Street episodes site, be careful! The one marked Friday is a double. Monday’s first episode is in there too. Remember, we’ll now be getting two episodes on Mondays. 

Corrie Street 26 Feb. 2017


Rosie itemizes suitcase contents - channelling herselfWednesday, channelling by characters of other characters, even other shows. Daniel and Rosie in particular; good and (channel Rosie eye roll here) kinda weird.

When Rosie first returned, I wasn’t sure she was “the real Rosie”, i.e. Helen Flanagan. She seemed like a very similar looking actress who had diligently watched Helen Flanagan’s tapes, perfecting and surpassing Rosie’s signature moves. It was a Rosie caricature – which takes some doing.

Another character popped into my mind too: Alexis from CBC’s Schitt’s Creek. Rosie was funny in the way that Annie Murphy as Alexis is. You watch, enjoy, and are very glad that your time with this person is limited. Rosie and Alexis could be twins.

The Beautiful People

Realizing this actually was Helen Flanagan, and aware that her character has been living in Miami with the Beautiful People, I could believe. Rosie would soak up the fluff like a sponge. And she already had the vacuity and self-absorption. So what would you expect her to be like when she returns home? Exactly as she is.

rosie shrieks at narcsHowever, add to it that she is an unwitting international drug mule just makes it seem more like another world than that of Weatherfield, or of Coronation Street. Rosie and all of the Webster-Windass storylines are channelling American soaps. Too many big, nasty, evil plots, too many crises. Too many people yelling, too many secrets and plot-points hinging on misunderstandings.

On a side note from earlier in this story, Anna going off on Kevin websters and anna watch as narc carries off suitcasebecause he took money from Sally for half of Sophie’s medical costs made no sense to me whatsoever. Other than to set up conflict between them. Shouldn’t Sally share the costs for her children? Why wasn’t Anna saying long ago, ‘what about Sally? Why isn’t she helping out with this?’

Channelling Dad

After seeing Rosie’s parallel universe Wednesday, Daniel took me back in time. Channelling the young Ken Barlow, he looked through sinead reads heaney poemhis literature prism at his back street world. Ken then, Daniel now, trying to explain the view to someone who sees spud-digging as digging spuds. Who sees sewing buttonholes as making a fastener for clothes, not as the life-force of creation.

I’ve only seen some early episodes of Coronation Street on video, so don’t know Ken from then. But I felt I was seeing him when Daniel sinead smiles at daniel as he explains poemshowed the poem to Sinead and talked about it. It is “Digging” by Seamus Heaney. And it is everything Daniel said about it. Daniel would have a more intellectually fruitful discussion about its meaning with his father, but it seems to have served its purpose with Sinead.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 13/12)

Bend it like Beckham

Rosie has gone to London to be in a reality tv show – her chance at fame and fortune. Jason and Rosie saying goodbye in taxiWednesday, she and Jason said goodbye in the black taxi that was taking her away. Their farewell was surprisingly touching – and funny. Trying to cheer her up about her talent and future success, Jason said  “D’ye remember how sometimes, when we were in the bedroom, we used to pretend to be David and Victoria Beckham? Well, you were always dead good at that.”

The mind boggles David and Victoria Beckham in armani underwear adat trying to picture what that actually entails. “Night night David” Rosie says as Jason gets out of the cab. “Sweet dreams, Victoria” he says. Sweet and sad, with a lingering overlay of ‘oh yeeww!”’

Is Rosie growing up? She seemed surprisingly upset about splitting up with Jason. The television show is a Bachelor type series so she has to be single in order to compete. She didn’t want to tell Jason but was forced into it when he decided to go to London with her. He was upset to learn that she would throw him away for her career. And she was upset about doing it.

I’ll miss Rosie. She is a complex ditz. But just when you write her off as a complete airhead, good for providing comic relief only, she surprises you. She stood up to Frank Foster when she feared for her mother’s safety in going out with him. Sometimes she has moments of acute self-awareness in which she recognizes her vacuity. She truly cares for her sister and recognizes Sophie’s strengths but is also willing to poke pins in Sophie’s moments of smug superiority.

A Sylvia and Milton Moment

Sylvia and Milton kiss in front of cafeAnd a lovely visual this Monday – Sylvia and Milton after he has told her his plans for her and his future in Weatherfield. So sweet. I hope only that the Beckhams never feature in their fantasy life or, if they do, that they don’t tell us about it. Ever.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Mar. 4/12)

Goodbye Mr. Chips

Fiz saying I love the sinner at John's death sceneJohn Stape’s death scene Friday was very touching. Despite him being a total nutbar, I will miss him. The character of John Stape was perfectly cast with Graeme Hawley. I guess I’m hoping a bit that, on Monday, John suddenly returns from flatlining and makes his escape from hospital.

John explaining to Rosie from graph what happenedEspecially for scenes like Thursday’s when he was schooling hostage Rosie in what to say to the court to exonerate Fiz. As he has said repeatedly as justification for his acts of crime and/or stupidity, he lives to teach.

So he had a bulletin board and markers and made a graph of all activities at the times of the deaths of the Fishwick mother and son and of Charlotte. He also had photos and diagrams showing what and where to help Rosie memorize the facts. During what had John marking Rosie's written testto be a very long night for both of them, he set Rosie homework about the sequence of events and tested her recall with written and oral quizzes. Rosie with duct tape over her mouth, John in front of her using a pen as pointer going over the highpoints of the nights in question. Then removing the tape so she could repeat the sequence back to him. Rosie, in a wonderful combination of fear and ditziness, was not the ideal student John hoped for. Oh, it was just perfect. A masterpiece of writing and acting by both of them.

A clue missed

John in car booking flat viewingAlso perfect was the set up to this, his second kidnapping of Rosie. Sitting in his car, calling the real estate agent to set up a viewing of Jason’s flat, he had to come up with a name. He sees a guy walking down the street with a package of chips. “Mr. Chips,” he gave as his name. You knew that, even with her Oak Hill education, Rosie Webster would guy with container of chips walks past John's carnot think anything odd about that name. And Jason? No, he wouldn’t catch it. I thought maybe Kevin would. But it’s not really surprising that in the heat of the moment, realizing that his daughter is missing, Kevin wouldn’t take notice of such an iconic name in the world of fictional educators.

Amazon link for Goodbye Mr. ChipsI did think, at some point, as John’s situation unraveled and more and more people became party, that someone would say ‘he called himself Mr. Chips?!’ But, so far, no one has so maybe it will remain John Stape’s final and personal literary pun.

There was another scene this week that was going to be my pick. But there will be more about it later, I believe, so I won’t tell what it was.

Goodbye Davy Jones

Also this week saw the real-life death of Davy Jones. He is known to teenyboppers as “the cute Davy Jones as Ena's grandson on Coronation StreetMonkee”, to connoisseurs of Corrie as a child actor portraying Ena Sharples’ grandson, and to the American and English horse racing world as a horse owner and former amateur steeplechase jockey. His horses, children and wife will miss him sorely and so will we all.