Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 13/12)

Bend it like Beckham

Rosie has gone to London to be in a reality tv show – her chance at fame and fortune. Jason and Rosie saying goodbye in taxiWednesday, she and Jason said goodbye in the black taxi that was taking her away. Their farewell was surprisingly touching – and funny. Trying to cheer her up about her talent and future success, Jason said  “D’ye remember how sometimes, when we were in the bedroom, we used to pretend to be David and Victoria Beckham? Well, you were always dead good at that.”

The mind boggles David and Victoria Beckham in armani underwear adat trying to picture what that actually entails. “Night night David” Rosie says as Jason gets out of the cab. “Sweet dreams, Victoria” he says. Sweet and sad, with a lingering overlay of ‘oh yeeww!”’

Is Rosie growing up? She seemed surprisingly upset about splitting up with Jason. The television show is a Bachelor type series so she has to be single in order to compete. She didn’t want to tell Jason but was forced into it when he decided to go to London with her. He was upset to learn that she would throw him away for her career. And she was upset about doing it.

I’ll miss Rosie. She is a complex ditz. But just when you write her off as a complete airhead, good for providing comic relief only, she surprises you. She stood up to Frank Foster when she feared for her mother’s safety in going out with him. Sometimes she has moments of acute self-awareness in which she recognizes her vacuity. She truly cares for her sister and recognizes Sophie’s strengths but is also willing to poke pins in Sophie’s moments of smug superiority.

A Sylvia and Milton Moment

Sylvia and Milton kiss in front of cafeAnd a lovely visual this Monday – Sylvia and Milton after he has told her his plans for her and his future in Weatherfield. So sweet. I hope only that the Beckhams never feature in their fantasy life or, if they do, that they don’t tell us about it. Ever.

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