Friday the 13th Port Dover

Friday the 13th Port Dover

Bucket list item checked off. The bikes at Port Dover. Beautiful weather and the only Friday the 13th in all of 2011. I was a little nervous about it, I get panicky in crowds. I figured this was going to be a crowd.

bike and sidecar, with dog, Port Dover, Friday the 13th

And it was, but there were no humungous knots of humanity that you couldn’t get away from easily. It was just about walking around, looking at bikes, talking to people about bikes and dogs. Dogs got a lot of attention.

Friday the 13th Yorkie with a new HD hat photo J Stewart

The whole thing seemed very well organized. There was a parking lot in a field near Port Dover. No problem getting a space. School buses were waiting to be filled up with people. The bus driver greeted us and coaxed Leo up the stairs. He was nervous about it, but soon decided this was fun. Lots of people petting him.

Friday the 13th good on foot too

Bus dropped us in the centre of town, then it was just wowwowwow look at the beautiful bikes! Regular bikes of all makes, but a lot of Harleys. Bikes that were works of art in their paint jobs or their entire structure. Bikes parked with ‘for sale’ signs on them. 

bike and side car, wrought iron frame photo j stewart

Every kind of Harley merch you could want. People wearing commemorative t-shirts from past PD13 events, from Sturgis and other Harley events and clubs. Biker colours. Bike dealers. Cops on motorcycles, bicycles, foot and in patrol cars. Almost no other cars on the streets. Just bikes.

Indian Motorcycle dealer display photo j stewart

The whole downtown and lakefront was filled with bikes. And people. But it was easy to find a quiet shady spot for a little break, but you still could watch bikes.

bikes and boys at the beach photo j stewart

Then when Charlie was looking like he was going to go in search of the Simcoe Humane Society booth (where we’d bought them scarves), we figured it was time to leave. Found the bus stop again, buses were waiting. Leo jumped right up the steps this time, and back to the parking lot.

free food for bikers sign, near St. Thomas photo d stewart

Nearly home, we saw this sign just outside St. Thomas. The road warriors passing along #3 Highway tomorrow are welcome at this house. Nice.

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  1. Hello Dorothy and Jim,
    So you have seen it and done it, in Port Dover. It is changing every year, and yet the same, pretty much. Just a lot of folks out for a drive, and to see all they can see at the meeting place. The free food for bikers sign may be innocent enough, but it could also be an H Angels membership drive, compaign party.

    1. Hi Diane – well, that sure never crossed my mind!! Ha! It struck me as such a lovely idea. I’d seen a couple restaurants on the way that had “specials” on for bikers – also very nice I thought. Indeed, it was a great time. My legs ached today from all the walking!! I’d like to go again in nasty weather, see how that compares.

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