Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Aug. 28/11)

Jacks’ Bonfire Night

A lot of story this week, but nothing leaping out at me until Friday. It was November 5thKevin on Street with fireworks behind him, Bonfire Night. Fireworks had started, literally on the street and figuratively for Baby Jack Dobbs.

The last thing we see is Kevin, back turned to the explosions over the street and soon to happen in the Dobbs-Duckworth house. He was heading back to the Rovers after seeing Molly.

Kevin had confronted Molly about her baby’s paternity. It was that, and especially the accidental fallout from it, that caught my attention.

What’s the DNA test say?

Kevin had a DNA test done. It showed he is the father of baby Jack. After acting like a complete jerk at the Rovers with Sally and Gail and, indeed, with and about Kevin and Molly after she saw dna resultsTyrone, he sneaks around to Molly’s back door to confront her.

After ascertaining that no one else is there, as far as she knows, they have it out. She had not agreed to the DNA test on the baby, she just wanted to believe he is Tyrone’s. Kevin wanted to know, but doesn’t know what to do with the knowledge he now has. Neither of them knows that the elder Jack is sitting on the stairs listening.

Jack on stairs listening to Kevin and MollyJust great! I had hoped that Jack would go to his grave believing that all was well with the family of his son of the heart. But at the same time, I knew that the best chance for this mess to get sorted out was if Jack knew. Neither Molly nor Kevin can be trusted to do the decent thing. And poor Tyrone is just living in his happy little world. Now Jack must share that happy world and try to forget what he knows, or blast it to Kingdom Come.

Tyrone holding baby JackEven if it doesn’t really matter if any of the adults know, the baby needs to know his biological parentage for reasons of medical history if nothing else. I had just hoped that Jack Duckworth would not have to be the one to break Tyrone’s heart. Also to have his own heart broken by knowing what Molly, who he loves as his own, had done.

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