Corrie Street July 7/13

Solomon Redux

King Solomon C14th-Psalter-St.-John' Peter and Leanne’s fight over Simon, I thought of the Judgment of Solomon in determining which of two claimants to a baby was the real mother. On Friday the tale, with Izzy, went to the conclusion: one woman deciding to give up the baby to keep him safe. Had Izzy spoken in Solomon’s court instead of to Gary in the pub patio, I think she would be given the baby Jake/Joe.

I doubt that she will stick with what she said, that the baby should stay with the person with whom he was bonding. Gary would not accept it and neither would Owen and Anna. But she showed she is putting the baby first. She, I think, is the only one doing so.

unspoiltThe turning point for her was Tina saying that the baby was responding to her voice and touch. The solicitor’s letter, saying there would be a hearing in a few months, confirmed her feeling.  A legal battle could take a year or more. Izzy realized that by then, if they won, they take the baby from the only person he knew as his mother. Regardless of biology, she and Gary would be strangers to him. In a moment of clarity, she sees that is unfair to the child.

Baby’s needs or Tina’s needs?

baby photoEarlier, Tina moaned to Tommy that she felt pulled apart by what the baby wanted and what Gary and Izzy wanted. Codswallop! It’s the baby who is being pulled apart by what she wants. He is in an incubator tended by shifts of nurses. At this point, he soon will grow accustomed to new arms holding him.

Tina’s concern for his needs is a smokescreen hiding her own. Maybe that’s subconscious but it needs to will-be-our-faultbe brought to light quickly for the baby’s sake. Maybe also subconsciously, she knows it’s wrong. She called the baby “Jake” after fiercely telling everyone “his name is Joe”. A slip in line delivery or a Freudian slip?

Tina’s enablers

Tina is being enabled in her selfishness by Tommy and, surprisingly, Rita. They know what she is doing is wrong. They had the chance to say so when Tina asked point-blank what they thought. Rita let-Tina-keep-himequivocated, saying she had feared this would happen from the beginning of the mad scheme but now she would support Tina wholeheartedly. Tina then asked Tommy. What could he say but “ditto”? Interesting no one asked Dennis’ opinion. I think he would have told Tina that she has to honour the deal she made no matter how difficult and that delay will only cause stress for the baby.

Rita later tells Tommy that he has to tell Tina that she should not keep the baby. What a Gary-disbelievingdifficult spot for Tommy! And he cannot successfully do it. Rita stands the best chance of getting through to Tina. Her relationship with Tina is of a different order than Tommy’s and there is a remote chance that her opinion might be listened to. By kicking the ball to Tommy, Rita has let Tina and Tommy and the baby down badly.

So in this murky melodrama of maternal izzy-final-frameattachment that feels, unfortunately, all too real, Izzy is the only person truly thinking of the baby’s best interests. The choice she is thinking of is probably not the best for anyone involved. But it does come from an unselfish, pure love of the child.

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2 thoughts on “Corrie Street July 7/13”

  1. The bottom line is Tina is not the mother. And it is only because the law has not caught up with modern medicine that she has rights. Because they never expected a situation for person to carry a baby that is not hers. And that is the bottom line….who made Tina god to decide what is right for a child that is NOT hers. And Gary has a huge family. Single mothers and single fathers raise babies all the time. Whether izzy or Gary are together is not the point, they have family to help. Why should a non family member bring up the baby? If it were you, ow would you feel about a woman who prevented your parents from bringing you up despite them wanting to? Because if I were that child…once I found out I would walk away from Tina and be disgusted with her. I’d want nothing to do with her.

    1. Hi Joan, good points. As well as law, human emotions haven’t caught up with medical capabilities. This story has certainly shown the value of using strangers or “professionals” as surrogates, people with no ongoing contact or with the ability to separate their own feelings from the purpose of surrogacy. As for the child as he grows up, I wonder if he might feel torn between two “mothers”, both with valid claims to the title, or he could reject either of them as not being his “real” mother. It’s been a thought-provoking storyline. Thanks for writing.

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