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Corrie Street June 21/15


Monday, the unveiling of Todd’s manipulations was scarily brilliant. it-was-so-easyLike others, I’ve wondered what happened to turn Todd so mean. But on Monday, that didn’t matter. What was more interesting was how he exposed the underbelly of others. As he explained, it was so very easy for him to bring out the veniality and weakness of his mother and brother.

Adrian watched as Eileen’s willingness to deceive in order to get a taste of more, and better, came out. Todd explained that todd-grins-as-adrian-leaves-eileenEileen was dreaming of a 5 star hotel kind of guy, not the guy-next-door whose idea of splashing out was a B&B. But Adrian doesn’t deserve this, Eileen protested. You’re right, said Todd, he’s a nice guy who deserves better.

He neatly turned Eileen’s outrage on Adrian’s behalf back on her. It wasn’t Todd who lied to Adrian and sneaked out behind his back to meet the imaginary Jeff from Dubai. Todd gave her the rope, she hung herself.

A word of doubt

all-that-money-spent-on-flightsJason leapt to their mother’s defence. That gave Todd the chance to tell him he had done the same thing to him with Eva. Dropping a word of doubt here and there about what she was really doing with Tony, and Jason filled in the rest himself.

Jason didn’t trust Eva, didn’t ask her pointblank about his suspicions. Quickly he let himself be talked out of trying to threw-it-out-of-the-prampersuade her to stay. You did all that, said Jason. Todd said, no, you listened and then did it yourself.

Neither Jason nor Eileen could convincingly justify themselves or blame Todd. He set the stage, yes, but they were the actors. Todd explained he did it as payback.


Months ago they didn’t come to his reconciliation dinner, the night he was beaten up and left scarred. That is perhaps the  reason on the surface. The more darwin-sleeps-easy interesting motivation, to me, is deeper. It’s the ability of the trickster, to find a flaw and use it to cause a person to act in ways that go against their self-perception and even harm their own best interests.

If Eileen had truly cared for Adrian and been satisfied with the bird in hand, she wouldn’t have continued pursuing those in the bushes of Dubai. If Jason had completely trusted Eva and had more faith in his own self-worth, he wouldn’t have so readily believed she was enough-of-a-floor-showcheating on him. He would have fought harder to keep her.

Hard lessons, and maybe not fair, for both of them. Todd plays a wonderful Iago and, like Othello, Jason and Eileen are left knowing they had listened to poison.

Corrie Street Jan. 18/15


I don’t know (and don’t want to know) how long the Tinker women are going to be tinker-womenaround. At first sight, I knew this is going to be good! I am glad, of course, that they are the other side of the wall of fiction. In real life, I would keep as far away from them as I possibly could. But at a safe remove, they are fun to watch.

Thursday, they completely took over from the minute the door opened to show them standing there like the witches of Macbeth. Then they saw Jason and assumed he was the fiancé.
Mother and grandmother were gobsmacked. Arlene too, but she recovered quickly and moved in. Straight across the room to him, every muscle and nerve ending ready to pounce. And only Jason could stand there, completely oblivious, as those three salivated like he was a meal on a plate.

This! And that?

Beth corrected them: Jason was just there to fix the radiator. Kirky would soon be home. When he walked in, simultaneously, three faces filled with lascivious interest changed to disappointed amazement. There is this standing in her living room, and that is what she’s marrying?Arlene-sees-Kirk while shirtless Jason is next to her

The Tinkers continued their takeover of the living room; making themselves at home, demanding tea, criticizing plans, making Kirk nervous.

tinkers-laugh-about-kirkNext night, the eve of the wedding, they thought they were alone in the house. So they voiced their opinion of Kirk – packs boxes and talks like Goofy – and Beth’s wisdom in marrying him. They did not know Kirk was there, on the stairway listening to every word.

He has had enough difficulty believing that Beth, a goddess in his eyes, would actually superman-kirkmarry him. Now he’s heard her family express those same doubts. Poor Kirk. I hope he believes Chesney’s words, that he is a good man. A man to be respected and emulated, with the integrity of Superman.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 25/12)

It’s all about me!

Maria with arms around MarcusMonday, very first scene: Negligee-clad Maria comes slinking out of the bedroom to the couch where Marcus sits looking fretful. Hey big boy what’s the problem, she says. Something to that effect anyway. They had spent the night together and she wanted to resume their nocturnal activities. And no, it wasn’t eating popcorn and watching chick flicks in bed

Marcus pulls away from MariaHe responds to her kisses by saying they have to talk about what happened. He tries to do that, but she only wants to go back to bed – with him.

A gay man, in a relationship with another man, having just had sex with a woman, also in a relationship with another man. And he had told her he loved her, and she said the same to him. “This is a really big thing for me” he says about the situation. “Yeah I Maria tells Marcus it is difficult for her tooknow. Me too” she says. That is her response to Marcus’ unimaginable turmoil about his infidelity not only to another person but to his very self-identity and life history. Bwaahaahaa was my reaction to her plaintive, yet clueless, whine.

I wonder how many takes were needed for her to get that line out with a straight face. I cannot imagine the week will bring anything better.

But – again!

Maria tells Jason it is difficult for herThen, on Wednesday, she does it again! She tells Jason it’s over. Poor Jason, dumped by every single female on the Street, trying to make sense of she is doing this and why it is happening again to him. And Maria says, “It hasn’t been easy for me, you know.” Like he should care? “You’ll get over it,” he says.

Jason and Sean pondering what has happenedIt’s interesting that, after Sean catches Maria and Marcus in a kiss, and understandably has a less than accepting reaction, Marcus says that Sean makes everything “about him”. Maria nods sagely in agreement.  Maybe Sean does, but he’s got stiff competition from Maria for the self-absorption championship title.

Jason hitting Marcus at barFight!

Oh, and the fight between Jason and Marcus was great!

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 13/12)

Bend it like Beckham

Rosie has gone to London to be in a reality tv show – her chance at fame and fortune. Jason and Rosie saying goodbye in taxiWednesday, she and Jason said goodbye in the black taxi that was taking her away. Their farewell was surprisingly touching – and funny. Trying to cheer her up about her talent and future success, Jason said  “D’ye remember how sometimes, when we were in the bedroom, we used to pretend to be David and Victoria Beckham? Well, you were always dead good at that.”

The mind boggles David and Victoria Beckham in armani underwear adat trying to picture what that actually entails. “Night night David” Rosie says as Jason gets out of the cab. “Sweet dreams, Victoria” he says. Sweet and sad, with a lingering overlay of ‘oh yeeww!”’

Is Rosie growing up? She seemed surprisingly upset about splitting up with Jason. The television show is a Bachelor type series so she has to be single in order to compete. She didn’t want to tell Jason but was forced into it when he decided to go to London with her. He was upset to learn that she would throw him away for her career. And she was upset about doing it.

I’ll miss Rosie. She is a complex ditz. But just when you write her off as a complete airhead, good for providing comic relief only, she surprises you. She stood up to Frank Foster when she feared for her mother’s safety in going out with him. Sometimes she has moments of acute self-awareness in which she recognizes her vacuity. She truly cares for her sister and recognizes Sophie’s strengths but is also willing to poke pins in Sophie’s moments of smug superiority.

A Sylvia and Milton Moment

Sylvia and Milton kiss in front of cafeAnd a lovely visual this Monday – Sylvia and Milton after he has told her his plans for her and his future in Weatherfield. So sweet. I hope only that the Beckhams never feature in their fantasy life or, if they do, that they don’t tell us about it. Ever.