Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 25/12)

It’s all about me!

Maria with arms around MarcusMonday, very first scene: Negligee-clad Maria comes slinking out of the bedroom to the couch where Marcus sits looking fretful. Hey big boy what’s the problem, she says. Something to that effect anyway. They had spent the night together and she wanted to resume their nocturnal activities. And no, it wasn’t eating popcorn and watching chick flicks in bed

Marcus pulls away from MariaHe responds to her kisses by saying they have to talk about what happened. He tries to do that, but she only wants to go back to bed – with him.

A gay man, in a relationship with another man, having just had sex with a woman, also in a relationship with another man. And he had told her he loved her, and she said the same to him. “This is a really big thing for me” he says about the situation. “Yeah I Maria tells Marcus it is difficult for her tooknow. Me too” she says. That is her response to Marcus’ unimaginable turmoil about his infidelity not only to another person but to his very self-identity and life history. Bwaahaahaa was my reaction to her plaintive, yet clueless, whine.

I wonder how many takes were needed for her to get that line out with a straight face. I cannot imagine the week will bring anything better.

But – again!

Maria tells Jason it is difficult for herThen, on Wednesday, she does it again! She tells Jason it’s over. Poor Jason, dumped by every single female on the Street, trying to make sense of she is doing this and why it is happening again to him. And Maria says, “It hasn’t been easy for me, you know.” Like he should care? “You’ll get over it,” he says.

Jason and Sean pondering what has happenedIt’s interesting that, after Sean catches Maria and Marcus in a kiss, and understandably has a less than accepting reaction, Marcus says that Sean makes everything “about him”. Maria nods sagely in agreement.  Maybe Sean does, but he’s got stiff competition from Maria for the self-absorption championship title.

Jason hitting Marcus at barFight!

Oh, and the fight between Jason and Marcus was great!

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