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Corrie Street 8 Oct. 2017

Wedding Dress

eva in wedding dress about to wed aidenThe star of the Connor double wedding was the dress. Eva’s wedding dress. In the back room of the Rovers, in Adam’s law office, at the altar, in the water fountain and finally on the window ledge. The wedding really became the tale of the adventures of a wedding dress. It was a character in its own right over three episodes at the beginning of the week.eva-and-maria-in-fountain

Eva could wear a burlap sack and make it look good. But the dress did look magnificent on her, and she in it. A lot of story was written around the actual events of the wedding. Tense and sad and funny – a lot happened during a double wedding that didn’t happen.eva-in-wet-dress

But pretty much I just watched the dress. Its last appearance was it falling into a sheet being held by wedding guests. That was Tyrone’s emergency plan to catch Eva if she fell or jumped.

Standing on the window ledge, shouting that she loved Aiden, her foot slipped. She panicked and froze, unable to get herself back in the room. Aiden ran upstairs to pull her in. But the lace on the dress skirt snagged on the window frame.eva-in-window-sill

Eva cared about her fabric comrade in arms so wouldn’t let Aiden just pull it and her through the window. She did not want to rip the lace. So she told Aiden to untie the back and pull her out of the dress back into the room. Without her in it, the lace unsnagged and the dress came loose and fell to safety.dress caught on wires

According to an interview with Catherine Tyldesley in what’sontv, Eva’s wedding dress had five stunt doubles. I hope costume protection observers ensured that none of the six dresses were harmed in the making of these episodes. I hope too that the beautiful location survived as well. It is Kingsley Hall, home of the Earl and Countess of Derby, in Prescot, Merseyside.dress falls

Corrie Street 27 Aug. 2017

Car Trunk

michelle locked in car trunkTry as I might, nothing the rest of the week dislodged the sight of Michelle locked in the trunk of a car. Not that I liked seeing her held captive. You would be horrified for anyone bound and gagged and locked in a car trunk. It was more my thoughts about story and screen time while watching those scenes that stuck with me .

First: Oh no, poor Michelle! Then: hmm, will this last a while? Will she be off screen during most of it? When a character goes to prison, either because the actor is leaving or taking a break, we see a few prison scenes with them. Then they’re gone. Maybe actor Kym Marsh is taking a break. So Michelle will stay in that trunk for awhile and we won’t see her. That could work.

woman-opens-trunkJust as I thought that, a Helpful Hannah came along and popped the trunk. Close it, lady, and walk away! But no, Michelle is front and centre on the screen again, snivelling and wanting revenge. Rich will pay for this! Oh thank you, Robert, for pounding him to a pulp. You are my hero after all!

Will’s Revenge

But it seems someone else wants revenge – Will. He is her high school boyfriend with whom she sort of had an affair last year. Now he is back and dating Maria. He’s also acting as other male protector of Michelle. If he had a moustache, he’d be twirling the ends evilly. It’s all a bit contrived, I think. But I can’t even work up any real outrage about such contrivances, just that the storyline exists at all.

michelle's car in parking garageI guess we’ll find out why Will is doing this. Maybe because she dumped him years ago or last year or didn’t rekindle things when she saw him a few months ago. Or maybe it’s revenge for that almost fling of theirs costing him his planned marriage to whatever the name of that awful fiancée was.

It’s a story of High Drama. Because we haven’t had any of that in, what, a month or so? But it involves characters with whom it’s difficult to empathize. Michelle – is Michelle. Crossed arms, superior attitude and constant carping. Robert – does anyone really care? Will – why? Maria – the interesting story involving her is the one with michelle-savedAiden. With that one, I’m waiting with bated breath to see them both brought down. Her involvement in this storyline just adds to the ‘oh lordy, please make it stop’ response.

Fingers crossed, Robert and Michelle will go to Brighton as he suggested Friday. It’s not a car trunk but could do the trick. Oh please, stay a while.

Corrie Street 9 Oct 2016

Ozzy and Maria

caz-enters-doorwayWhen Caz came in to give Maria bad news on Friday, my heart sank. I guessed what it was, and I had an idea how it would be received. Ozzy was sick, and Maria would make it all about herself. Caz’s words confirmed the first. The second by Samia Ghadie’s superb facial expressions.

Through her eyes you could see the hamster running around the wheel that is Maria’s brain. But Ozzy is my last connection with Liam. Oh, aside from my son. What will I do??? Why did Liam die??? And leave me all alone??? Aside from the dog and the kid, of course.

maria-says-whatIf it goes the way it looks like it will, Monday’s episode will be heart-rending. For Ozzy, and for Kirk. You know that he truly loves Ozzy. Dealing with Maria will be painful for us all – characters and audience. Well, for me at least.

For the love of Ozzy

I want to see Ozzy mourned for himself, not as a loss for Maria. If I’m right about Maria, it will be herself that she’ll be crying over. And Kirk will have to take time from his own grief to tend to her.

kirk-carries-ozzyThe best thing for Kirk about Maria being his sister, I think, has been Ozzy and little Liam. He always takes care of them both when Maria is off in self-absorption of some kind. And he has fun with them – fun for them and for himself.

Maria’s loyalties

Maria does always take Kirk in when he needs shelter, but a lot of eye-rolling is involved. Like now, she wants desperately for him to patch things up with Beth. I suppose that is because she cares about maria-in-shockhim and his happiness as she says. But the added benefit is that it would get him out of her house.

Right now, her allocation of space and time for others is being spent on Caz. Homeless, messed-up Caz is her pet project, and will continue to be until Maria is bored by it, can’t handle it, or finds a new project. Then Caz will get the boot. Time’s up, you’re sorted, see you later.

I hoped that Ozzy would live forever or just disappear from our maria-looks-at-ozzyscreens never to return and never to be explained. The prospect of dealing with his death is even worse because he’s  Maria’s dog. Because that means dealing with Maria as well as with the tragic loss of a lovely dog.

Corrie Street May 1/16

Fabulous Pablo

“Be fabulous,” Maria said to Pablo Wednesday as she gave him a farewell kiss and sent him off to London to a new and fabulous life. luke-comes-to table of fabulous Pablo and MariaOh, I hope he comes back to Weatherfield.

He is Maria’s green-card husband. His lover Ash is in London, and he wanted to join him. Maria, while in Cyprus, provided the solution by marrying Pablo so he could get legal immigrant status. One might ask, as Luke did, why he didn’t just go the direct route and marry Ash. Pablo’s parents don’t know he is gay, to which Luke asked “have they not met you?”

Maria hadn’t known how to tell Luke, so she didn’t. Tuesday, Luke a-double-expressosurprised her with a huge bouquet of flowers at a restaurant where she was supposedly having lunch with a school friend named Anastasia. Instead, she was lunching with a good looking guy.


She made the introductions: Pablo, this is my boyfriend; Luke, this is my husband. Smooth, Maria, smooth! While Luke was trying to digest Pablo looks at Lukeall of this, a waiter came by. Poor man, he suggested ‘expresso’. “It’s es-presso not ex-presso,” Luke exploded. Then a tirade about the frequent mispronunciation and how it drove him demented.

Waiter corrected, Pablo open-mouthed and Maria worried, Luke stormed out, shoving the flowers in the arms of a woman passing by, leaving her stunned.

have-they-not-met-youNext day, Pablo came to explain. Buenos Aires’ finest 80 proof ‘moonshine’ and a plea for Maria’s forgiveness because “she looks so ugly when she cries” would do the trick. That last one ticked Maria off but It worked, eventually.

Maria and Luke patched it up and they became engaged. As Sophie said to Luke, it’s “you and Maria and the gay husband.” How are she and Pablo going to convince British authorities that they have a legitimate marriage?

Fabulously OTT

Pablo says not-like-we-are-sleeping-togetherI hope it means Pablo will be back. This despite the fact that I no longer look with delight at newcomers on the Street. Far too many cast members with very little to do and no real reason to care about them. But Pablo? He is indeed fabulous.

Actor Shai Matheson plays it over the top, teetering on the edge of farce but not going over. He and Luke are brilliant together, Luke’s woman-holding-flowers as Maria and Pablo watch Luke leavefrustration and fury beautifully matched by Pablo’s shrug of ‘what, me?’ Pablo and Maria are great too. I think he’d be wonderful with anyone. In an interview with Samia Ghadie on Bluenose Corrie, she said she had asked the writer of these episodes: “Please can we keep him?” I second that. Please please, can we keep him?

Corrie Street May 11/14


“You can’t put toothpaste back in the tube, can you?” That’s what David tells Maria when toothpaste-back-in-the-tubehe sees that her use of a misunderstanding is spiralling beyond her control. She has not a clue what he’s talking about. It has been truly painful this week watching Maria trying to be master manipulator. There are reasons for this.

First, the character. Poor Maria, as Todd toothpasteput it so well, is pretty, vapid and desperate. She is trying to regain happiness and a perfect opportunity dropped in her lap – Tyrone the good, and memories of carefree youth. But it requires strategy and Maria cannot strategize her way out of a paper bag.

Second, the logic. The text message that started this sorry tale came from an unidentifiable caller. That’s why Tyrone thought it was Kirsty with a blocked phone number. Major panic ensued, especially after a second text. So Fiz, woman of action, david-with-phoneredialed the number. By convenient coincidence, David answered Maria’s phone and twigged. However, there is a lot unexplained in all this. I thought the phone number was not visible. Next day, Maria explained to David that she had replaced her phone and had a new number unfamiliar to Tyrone. Maybe this was due to the writers seeing the ‘oops’ in their writing. But only an unfamiliar number doesn’t adequately explain why Tyrone freaked out so much so quickly. Why not hit redial right away if you have a number?

Third, the cliché. Unfinished conversations leading to misunderstanding do happen in real life. But they are an overused and ridiculed staple of soaps. A lot of action on Corrie Street recently has reminded me of American soaps, and I’m not used to that. Pregnancies or pregnancy scares from wife and girlfriend at exactly the same time, as happened to Peter. A discussion or admission of something goes awry because one person interrupts maria-trying-to-explainor forestalls what the other is trying to say. The moment is lost, wrong conclusions drawn. We saw that this week with Nicholas as Leanne tried to tell him about Kal.

And that’s how the whole thing started with Maria and the texts. Tyrone, normally the most polite of men, kept cutting Maria off when she was trying to explain that she had sent the original text. She’d get two words out and he’d talk over her, until she realized his misunderstanding might be the wedge Maria-takes-opportunitybetween him and Fiz that would help her. Then, of course, as David said, a whole truckload of toothpaste came out of the tube and it became way too late to put it back in. Explaining herself would be embarrassing and, as the tension between Fiz and Tyrone increases, Maria’s chance to get Tyrone increases also. But this type of sneaking around and plotting isn’t Maria’s forte. Neither should it be Coronation Street‘s.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 25/12)

It’s all about me!

Maria with arms around MarcusMonday, very first scene: Negligee-clad Maria comes slinking out of the bedroom to the couch where Marcus sits looking fretful. Hey big boy what’s the problem, she says. Something to that effect anyway. They had spent the night together and she wanted to resume their nocturnal activities. And no, it wasn’t eating popcorn and watching chick flicks in bed

Marcus pulls away from MariaHe responds to her kisses by saying they have to talk about what happened. He tries to do that, but she only wants to go back to bed – with him.

A gay man, in a relationship with another man, having just had sex with a woman, also in a relationship with another man. And he had told her he loved her, and she said the same to him. “This is a really big thing for me” he says about the situation. “Yeah I Maria tells Marcus it is difficult for her tooknow. Me too” she says. That is her response to Marcus’ unimaginable turmoil about his infidelity not only to another person but to his very self-identity and life history. Bwaahaahaa was my reaction to her plaintive, yet clueless, whine.

I wonder how many takes were needed for her to get that line out with a straight face. I cannot imagine the week will bring anything better.

But – again!

Maria tells Jason it is difficult for herThen, on Wednesday, she does it again! She tells Jason it’s over. Poor Jason, dumped by every single female on the Street, trying to make sense of she is doing this and why it is happening again to him. And Maria says, “It hasn’t been easy for me, you know.” Like he should care? “You’ll get over it,” he says.

Jason and Sean pondering what has happenedIt’s interesting that, after Sean catches Maria and Marcus in a kiss, and understandably has a less than accepting reaction, Marcus says that Sean makes everything “about him”. Maria nods sagely in agreement.  Maybe Sean does, but he’s got stiff competition from Maria for the self-absorption championship title.

Jason hitting Marcus at barFight!

Oh, and the fight between Jason and Marcus was great!

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Oct. 21/12)

Xtreme Fag Hag*

An actor and character this week instead of a scene. Charlie Condou has been fabulous, in my opinion, portraying Marcus Confused.

Marcus with Maria at hospitalIt’s been clear for some time that Maria developed more feelings for Marcus than appropriate for a straight woman towards her gay male friend. But this week, in the highly wrought emotional environment of Maria’s cancer scare, Marcus tipped over the edge from support superman to a man who enjoyed a kiss from a woman. Indeed enjoyed it so much that he initiated another. Nothing wrong with that. Except that both are in relationships with other people, and the man is gay.

Some have not liked this storyline, saying that Marcus has always been gay and will always be gay. Ok, but what’s wrong with showing a bit of the complexity of human emotions and sexual responses?

Marcus Confused

Charlie Condou is showing us a man shaken to his very core by his actions. As Marcus Marcus and Maria kisssaid to Maria, he had never done this before – kiss a woman. In his distress about what this means and his guilt, he lashes out at his lover and goes on an all night bender. Next day he looks truly hung-over. He is uncomfortable around Maria, Jason, Aiden, Sean – even himself.

We knew that somehow Maria’s infatuation with Marcus was going to come out. I am glad that it’s being done this way instead of some ham-handed action on her part to convert him or convince him that he really is Marcus watches only Maria at Eileen's partystraight. As it played out, she was really as surprised by their kiss as Marcus was and as uncomfortable about the change in their relationship and the ramifications for everything. Post-kiss, he looks meaningfully at her as much as she at him. Both are equally uncomfortable with their men. Both just want to forget it ever happened, and neither can.

The actors are softly presenting themselves and their dilemma in a storyline that would be very easy to overact. Charlie Condou, in particular, has gone from strength to Marcus hung over talking to Mariastrength, I think. He started as Sean’s boyfriend, very nice but kind of bland without any edges written into him, to a strong character. He’s still very nice but his edges and layers now show. I don’t think that Marcus is going to decide he’s straight and run off with Maria – I hope not anyway. But I think it’s good that he is showing us the complicated depths of the human psyche.

Departing executive producer Phil Collinson has created some of the best Corrie storylines about sexuality and ‘alternative lifestyles’. I hope that the ground he has opened up continues to be explored.

* I googled fag hag to see if this term was still known and if I’d be offending anyone by using it. Yes to the first and probably not to the second, it seems. In the course of that, I found a 1980 book by John Malone that sounds interesting. Text link goes to Amazon.ca for Straight women/gay men: A special relationship.  Enjoy.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 19/12)


If I’d laid a bet on how long Carla would cope with Maria as helpmeet, I’d have lost. Carla lasted longer than I’d expected. But, even so, it wasn’t long.

Maria yelling go to sleep to her sonThe scene that made my jaw drop and made me laugh was the two of them in Carla’s living room while Liam cries in his bed. Maria yells “Liam, go to sleep.” Then Carla agrees with her: “Do what you’re told and go to flamin’ sleep”. Well, the icy cold glare of affront that Maria turned on Carla! As in, how dare you yell at my precious babe the chosen one!

Maria glaring after Carla yells at LiamTo be reasonable, Carla simply said exactly what Maria had said, other than adding the word “flaming” but Carla had forgot the cardinal rule of motherhood (especially in St. Maria’s world) – only the sainted mother may yell at the sainted child. However, motherhood and any kind of kin feeling are rarely reasonable. I know that I feel within my rights to tell my dogs to shut up. Still, I don’t like it when someone else does.

Carla brushed off yelling at the sainted child, without pointing out that she’d only followed Maria’s lead. But it escalated of course. Maria can always make it all about her and she did so once again. With incredible sanctimoniousness she said, “I realize you’re in a lot of pain. But taking it out on Liam isn’t going to help.” Ya think?  Just Carla telling Maria to get outbeen raped, and a child screaming his lungs out? So Carla told Maria that she’d been there long enough, get out now.

It was harsh, especially the business about living in the lap of luxury at Carla’s apartment compared to Maria’s own “flea-pit”. But Carla is angry and needs to vent that anger at someone and Maria was handy. Carla was also half in the bag and probably fed up to her eyeteeth with Maria being around all the time. Just the thought of Maria being there with me all the time, being comforting, dispensing wisdom – aaagghh! I am surprised only that their moment of sisterhood lasted as long as it did.

St. Maria has returned, after Carla’s attempt at suicide, to be her support system. First Carla at Maria's house with Kirk and Liamshe came back to the lap of luxury of Carla’s apartment, then she talked Carla into going to her house. Even then, it didn’t take her long to strike the injured pose and turn it back to being about Maria – I’m only trying to help etc.

Here’s a hint, Carla: if you need support Ozzy the dogand companionship and only have the resources in Maria’s house to find it in, pick Ozzy. I’m not much of a Lab person myself, but I think he would be much more help with getting your head screwed on straight. Maria?  Kind of like having an irritating pet rock.