Corrie Street 9 Oct 2016

Ozzy and Maria

caz-enters-doorwayWhen Caz came in to give Maria bad news on Friday, my heart sank. I guessed what it was, and I had an idea how it would be received. Ozzy was sick, and Maria would make it all about herself. Caz’s words confirmed the first. The second by Samia Ghadie’s superb facial expressions.

Through her eyes you could see the hamster running around the wheel that is Maria’s brain. But Ozzy is my last connection with Liam. Oh, aside from my son. What will I do??? Why did Liam die??? And leave me all alone??? Aside from the dog and the kid, of course.

maria-says-whatIf it goes the way it looks like it will, Monday’s episode will be heart-rending. For Ozzy, and for Kirk. You know that he truly loves Ozzy. Dealing with Maria will be painful for us all – characters and audience. Well, for me at least.

For the love of Ozzy

I want to see Ozzy mourned for himself, not as a loss for Maria. If I’m right about Maria, it will be herself that she’ll be crying over. And Kirk will have to take time from his own grief to tend to her.

kirk-carries-ozzyThe best thing for Kirk about Maria being his sister, I think, has been Ozzy and little Liam. He always takes care of them both when Maria is off in self-absorption of some kind. And he has fun with them – fun for them and for himself.

Maria’s loyalties

Maria does always take Kirk in when he needs shelter, but a lot of eye-rolling is involved. Like now, she wants desperately for him to patch things up with Beth. I suppose that is because she cares about maria-in-shockhim and his happiness as she says. But the added benefit is that it would get him out of her house.

Right now, her allocation of space and time for others is being spent on Caz. Homeless, messed-up Caz is her pet project, and will continue to be until Maria is bored by it, can’t handle it, or finds a new project. Then Caz will get the boot. Time’s up, you’re sorted, see you later.

I hoped that Ozzy would live forever or just disappear from our maria-looks-at-ozzyscreens never to return and never to be explained. The prospect of dealing with his death is even worse because he’s  Maria’s dog. Because that means dealing with Maria as well as with the tragic loss of a lovely dog.

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