Corrie Street Jan. 24/16

Librettos – Stilettos

I haven’t liked Nessa since she arrived. But Thursday when she left, I nessa-in-hall-doorwayadmired, even liked, her. The signs of an exit soon to come started a while ago. Hauling Ken off to dance, drink and chat at the New Year’s Eve party that was her idea to have – at his house where Deirdre is everywhere. Breaking the mug that Deirdre had made. Worse, being clueless that such an “ugly”, obviously handmade, object with his name on it would likely have sentimental value. Having no clue about the crassness of her interruptions during Ken’s emotional leave-taking of Emily.

Ken says I like librettos and you likeThose are her sins from the present. When the sins of her past came to light, you knew it was game over. The discovery of her affair with her late brother-in-law finished her off, and her attempts to cover it up and to deflect the blame sealed it.

Ken sat her down for the “it’s not you, it’s me” talk. To illustrate their stilettos says Nessadifferences in lifestyle and outlook, he said “I like librettos and you like…” “Stilettos,” she said immediately. I saw right there what Ken has seen in her. Never in a million years would Deirdre, bless her soul, have come back with that. Neither would Audrey.

Made it easy

When she realized that telling him what they have in common wouldn’t change his mind, she dispatched their relationship quickly and politely. She made it easy for Ken and kept her dignity and ken laughslikability. She just said goodbye.

After leaving Ken’s, she tried once more to make peace with Cathy. Her new attitude of straightforwardness, apologies that seemed genuine and a willingness to accept that amends may not be made went some distance, I think, to Cathy maybe forgiving her. Cathy seemed to look at her in a new light.

Nessa’s final stop was Audrey. With the same directness, and a few digs, she told Audrey that she and Ken were ken-thoughtful after nessa leaves, photo of deirdre nearbyfinished and “he’s all yours”.

This Nessa I liked a lot. I am sorry to see her go. Too bad, chuck, she’d likely say, you had the chance and too late now.

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